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I am constantly striving to increase my level of sustainability when it comes to my art practice and the operations of my online store.
  • Most of the materials used in my baskets and wall hangings I forage from my local area. I am also lucky to have generous friends who will rescue beautiful vines, leaves and seeds when they are doing their gardening!
  • When botanical dyeing, I use eucalyptus leaves that I forage from my street for the base of the dye pot. I predominantly use food scraps when dyeing such as strawberries, carrots, grapes and onion skins. Again, I am grateful to kind friends who donate their food scraps to me too (shoutout to Wayo!) 
  • All silver used in my jewellery is 100% receycled 925 Stirling Silver sourced in Sydney.
  • All packaging used in the shipping process has been carefully sourced. Hex wrap is used to ensure your product is protected during the delivery process and is 100% compostable and recyclable.
  • Fragile items are posted with recycled boxes + I use 100% compostable satchels for postage and the shipping labels are compostable too!
  • Please note that in a commercial compostable environment the breakdown should take 90 days whereas a home composting system should take around 120 days.
  • All orders are posted with Sendle. This carrier compensates the amount of carbon dioxide used when shipping by investing equally in restoring ecosystem projects aka a carbon neutral delivery method!